Rolls Royce

 Founded in 1906 Rolls Roycce was one of the  worlds finest automotive manufacturers.  Purchased Bentley in 1931. Rolls Royce  Motors now owned by Volkswagen producing  Bentleys while BMW has the license for the  name & logo!

Rolls Royce Owners Club

Bentley Drivers Club


 Humber was founded in 1897 and merged  with Hillman in 1928. aunder the control of  the Rootes Group whcih was taken over by  Chrysler in1967.

Humber Car Club of Australia


 Foundered in 1919 Bentleys are still today  mainly hand built. Purchased by Rolls Royce  in 1931 Bentley is now part of  Volkswagen  AG.

​ Bentley Drivers Club

Rolls Royce Owners Club


 Launched it's first car in 1947 and is still  manufacturing today.

Bristol Owners Club of Australia

 Clubs by Marque

 The British motor industry is a history of    buying and selling of the brands them  selves. Here our clubs are listed by Marque.

 Some marques have common owners and  some have had multiple owners. Mini is a  good example: having started as a Morris and  an Austin then appeared as a Riley and  Wolseley before becoming a marque in its  own right. Some of our clubs are brand  specific and some for specific models.

The Association of British Car Clubs


 Foundered in 1878 as Starley & Sutton Co it  ended up as one of British Leyland's brands.  It's Land Rover model became a brand in its  own right and Rover is now one of TATAs  dormant brands.

Rover Owner's Club

 Aston Martin

 Began making cars in 1921 and continue to  this day.      

Aston Martin Owners Club


 Began as a bicycle manufacturer building it's  first car in1901. Taken over by Rootes Group  in 1956 it continued as a brand until 1970, by  then owned by Chrysler.

Singer Car Club


 Founded in 1896 Daimler was purchased by  BSA in 1910. In 1933 BSA purchased  Lanchester and made it a subsidiary of  Daimler. In 1960 Jaguar purchased both  Brands and these now belong to TATA.

 ​Daimler & Lanchester Owners Car Club


 Jensen commenced production in 1934 and  ceased in 1976.

All British day SYDNEY


 Commenced production in 1913 and became  one of Britain's biggest motor  manufacturers. Merged with Austin in 1952  and then followed all the other marques into  British Leyland. 

Morris Register of NSW Inc

Morris Minor Car Club of NSW

Morris Minor Picnic Club


 Foundered in 1952 Lotus continues to build  sports cars and racing cars today. Now  owned by Proton Holdings.

Club Lotus Australia


 Created (1923) as a sports Morris by Cecil  Kimber who was Sales Manager at Oxfords

 'Morris Garage'. Another long history of  owners brings us to 'MG Motor' owned by  Chinese conglamorate SAIC.

MG Car Club

MG Restorers


 Jowett produced cars and light commercials  from1906 to 1954.

Jowett Car Club of Australia


 Founded in 1895 Lanchester was  purchased  by BSA in 1933 and made a  subsidiary of  Daimler. Purchased by Jaguar in  1960 it now  belongs to TATA.

Daimler & Lanchester Owners Club


 Commenced as bicycle company in 1890  became part of the Nuffield Organisation  (Morris) in 1938. Ceased production in 1969  and the brand is now owned by BMW.

Riley Motor Club of Australia Inc


 Alvis, based in Coventry, produced cars  between 1919 and 1967. It became part of  Rover in 1965.             

Alvis Car Club


 Founded in 1857 making pumps and marine  engines. First car 1903. Taken over by GM in  1925. Still producing cars today.

 Vauxhall Owners Club NSW Branch


 And another bicycle maker (1897) motor  bikes (1902) and then cars (1923) after buying  the Dawson Car Company. Triumph (cars)  was  purchase by Standard in 1945 and so  begun its march into the Leyland fold (1960).  The brand name is now owned by  BMW.

TR Register of Australia

Triumph Sports Owners Club

 Armstrong Siddeley

 Built cars between 1919 and 1960. 

​​ Armstrong Siddeley Car Club


 Another bicycle maker (1888) who turned to  cars (1901). Also purchased by Rootes, also  ended with Chrysler. 

Sunbeam Owners Club

 Land Rover

 First produced in 1948 as a model from The  Rover Company. Over many owners  developed into the dominent brand of Jaguar  Land Rover - now owned by TATA.

Land Rover Owners Club

Range Rovers Owners Club


 Over the years Ford had UK plants and  specific UK  models.

 Anglia Prefect Car Club of Australia Inc

Small Ford Car Club of NSW

 Cortina Anglia Club

Zephyr Zodiac Car CLub Ph: Keith 9533 4661


 Started 1901 purchased privately by William  Morris in 1927. Then sold into Morris Motors  and continued with Morris into Leyland.  

 Last car badged Wolseley in 1975.

Wolseley Car Club


 Commenced operations as the Lancashire  Steam Motor Company in 1896. Through  accasition and merges ended as British  Leyland which became the Rover Group in  1986. Ashok Leyland still operates in India  and Leyland Trucks is now a leading builder  of trucks in th UK as part of the Paccar  group(1998), a Fortune 500 company.

Leyland P76 Classic Car Club

Leyland P76 Owners Club


 Founded in 1910 Morgan continues to make  'traditional' cars today.

Morgan Owners Club of Australia


 Founded in 1947 TVR intend to release a new  range of cars in 2017.


 Founded in 1905 Austin merged with Morris  in  1952 forming BMC which then bought  Jaguar  (1966) and then Merged with Leyland  (1968). The Austin marque was used until  1987.

 Austin 7 Club NSW;

 Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW;

 Austin A40 Car Club of Australia Inc

 Austin Healey Owners Club Inc;

 Austin Healey  Sprite Car Club

6/24 Antoine St, Rydalmere NSW 2116, Australia

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 Started business as the Swallow Side Car  Company in 1922. Name change to Jaguar in  1945. Sold BMC in 1966. 1968 became part  of British Leyland nationalised in 1975 De-  merged in 1984, aquired by Ford in 1990. Sold  to TATA in 2008.

Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia


 Foundered in 1907 Hillman was merged  with Humber after coming under the control  of Th Rootes brothers in 1928. Chrysler took  control of the Rootes Group in 1967 and kept  producing Hillman models until 1976.

 ​Hillman Owners Club


 Released as the Morris Mini Minor & Austin  Seven in 1959. Another example of a Model  that developed into a Brand. Now owned by  BMW.

Mini Car Club