This will be continually updated as we get closer to the day. Any last minute changes will be posted here. 

The display day will feature around 1500 cars and commercials. It is important we get all the vehicles onto the fields as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. This year there will be far more marshals to guide the traffic. Please follow their instructions 

Entry on the day:

Sunday 23rd September 2018

All vehicles with an 'A, B, C ,D, E or F' ticket will enter via Masons Drive. There will be signs along the entry road and marshals will help guide you to the correct fields.

You MUST have a ticket to display your car and it MUST be on your windscreen. Note that this year the tickets are electrostatic and they are designed to mount on the inside of your windscreen. There is no adhesive so they are easy to remove.

​Please follow the directions of the marshals. The aim is that traffic should flow all the way to the fields with as little stops as possible.e your paragraph here.

Click Field Layout for 2018 layout.

Note, however, that the layout is subject to last minute changes.

8. Trade Area All Traders have a Yellow ticket. 
9. Green Technology Display
10. Fire Engine Display They will enter via the main gates. 


The show is open from 10.00am until 3.00pm. and thereis plenty ofparkingat a cost of $10 per car. Enter via the main school gates on Pennant Hills Road. It ois possible to pre pay for your parking at a discounted rate. For more information about the Fair and to pre pay for parking go here:


There is also plenty of coffee and food as well as rides and entertainment for the kids.

Medallions and badges (2017 shown left) will be availble on the day at the clock tower.

The grounds are large so catch the Red London Bus (gold coin donation)

All British day SYDNEY


The Kings School

87-129 Pennant Hills Road

North Parramatta

1. Main Sorting Point Any vehicle without a ticket will be directed left into the car park. 
2. Right turn after the gate All vehicles follow the white line. Yellow and aqua tickets left lane and Blue, red and green into the right lane. Vehicles towing a trailer may have to turn left and then do a U-turn.   

3. Main Split Yellow, Purple, and Aqua tickets turn left. Red and Blue tickets turn right. 
4. Blue Ticket Blue tickets turn left and enter field. 
5. Red Ticket Field Two entry gates: A: Jaguar clubs.

F: All other red ticketed cars.  
6. Split Point Yellow C & Purple E turn right onto fields. Aqua D continue around outside of field. 

7. Aqua D Entry 

6/24 Antoine St, Rydalmere NSW 2116, Australia

The Association of British Car Clubs

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